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Our Advantages

Group Characteristics and Advantages

Talent echelon                               

After 15 years of accumulation, Shunda Construction Group has more than 400 engineers and technicians, including more than 100 registered builders, dozens of municipal and provincial experts. Technical management force has strong strength in Huizhou private construction enterprises, and can provide reliable technical services and management services for owners and partners.

After years of exploration, the Shunda Construction Group has formed a diversified business model that is suitable for its own development, with construction general contracting as the leader, professional contracting, light steel villas and construction materials trade in parallel. For the service of the project, it provides various professional service forms such as self-built self-management, escrow, cooperation, management consulting, etc., which can solve various needs of customers.

It covers general contracting of construction engineering, municipal engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower engineering, highway engineering, steel structure engineering, road lighting, labor dispatch, curtain wall engineering, fire protection engineering and basic engineering. A series of professional qualifications in the construction industry. Guangdong Province is currently one of the most qualified construction enterprises with general contracting and professional contracting qualifications.

Multichannel management



Group's six advantages

15 years of industry experienceEngineering quality is guaranteed

Standardized production and construction Strong research and development strength

One-stop solution Save time and effort and worry

Strong productivity Ensure efficient delivery

Perfect after-sales system No worries

High quality and high standard

Quality is more guaranteed

International business sector

Shunda Construction Group is based in Guangdong, looks to the world, pays attention to the latest cutting-edge building technology, actively expands its international business, and establishes cooperative relationships with many countries to achieve an international business year-on-year.

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Shunda Construction Group's series of products have been exported to dozens of countries in the world, occupying the import and export market share with strong strength. The Group has a complete import and export declaration system and one-stop logistics supporting services, which has won a good reputation in the market.

Qualification and honor


It has more than 20 professional contracting qualifications, such as general contracting of construction engineering, municipal engineering, water conservancy and Hydropower engineering, general contracting of highway engineering, professional contracting of steel structure engineering, special engineering, labor dispatch and contracting, which lays a foundation for strong scientific and technological innovation.

Shunda Construction Group will take the real estate development and construction general contracting as the leader and feature assembly-type construction, and develop into a modern construction integrating real estate investment and development, engineering project contracting construction, assembly-type building R&D design and construction raw material supply. At the same time, the Group maintains a good long-term cooperative relationship with professional design institutes, providing owners with one-stop services from pre-project drawing design to completion and delivery. To make greater contributions to the development of the real estate and construction industries in Guangdong Province.

Looking to the future


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Welcome to contact us

Contact telephones: 0752-3866898, 0752-3939669.Contact mobiles phones: 18825220097
Address: Qiuchangweibu Section, Huiyang District, Huizhou City (Shunda Group Building)


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