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About Shunda

Group Introduction

Company culture

Development path


Corporate purposes:

Looking to the future, we hope to witness, the landing and development of an idea, the transformation and growth of a team, and the emergence of a startup as an influential presence in the industry.

Integrity cooperation, harmonious development

Quality policy:

After years of exploration, Shunda Construction Co., Ltd. has formed a diversified management system suitable for its own development, with a construction-oriented general contracting as the leader, various professional contracting, light steel villas, and building materials trade in parallel. For the service of the project, we provide a variety of professional service forms such as self-built self-management, escrow, and cooperative management consulting, which can solve various needs of customers.


Safety first quality first


Careful construction

Shunda Construction Group will take the real estate development and construction general contracting as the leader and feature assembly-type construction, and develop into a modern construction integrating real estate investment and development, engineering project contracting construction, assembly-type building R&D design and construction raw material supply. At the same time, the Group maintains a good long-term cooperative relationship with professional design institutes, providing owners with one-stop services from pre-project drawing design to completion and delivery. To make greater contributions to the development of the real estate and construction industries in Guangdong Province.

Looking ahead


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Welcome to contact us

Contact telephones: 0752-3866898, 0752-3939669.Contact mobiles phones: 18825220097
Address: Qiuchangweibu Section, Huiyang District, Huizhou City (Shunda Group Building)


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